With the exception of Dubai, remaining Emirates in the UAE are conservative in regards to their style of dressing and to a certain extent strictly adopt what modesty in Islamic text offers.

Dubai attracts many outsiders such as tourists and expats, thus keeping its clothing styles lenient. Although western style of dressing such as t-shirts, long skirts and trousers are permitted, women are expected to keep their skin covered.

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Islamic / Traditional Clothing are styled in context with what is to be worn during the day, in the night and for religious occasions.

The Abaya is a long elegant cloak worn by women in the UAE, where it is their national dress. Traditionally black in colour, it covers the whole body except the face, feet and hands and therefore some women prefer to team it up with the niqāb and Gafaaz to cover up the face and hands as well.

An Agal, also called as iqal, egal or igal is a black band secured tightly around the ghutrah to keep it in place.

The Burqa or burkha, burka, burqua is an outer piece of clothing used to cover a woman’s body to prevent exposure of skin in public.

Also known as thawb, thobe, or dishdasha, the Kandura is an ankle length, loose-fitting robe for men, usually white in colour. In winter, the Kandura is available in a splash of colours mostly in darker shades.

UAE women dress traditionally in a Gishwa, which is a thin veil covering the face whereby it is unrecognizable. However, it is fine enough for the wearer to see through.

A typical headscarf worn by men, the ghutrah is also known by the name of keffiyeh/kufiya, or shemagh in other Arabic countries. Made from square cloth of cotton in chequered patterns, it is draped over the head in various styles.

The ghafiyah is a look-alike of a Muslim prayer hat worn below the ghutrah headscarf by Arabic men.

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