6 cheapest hotels

Cheapest Hotel in Dubai with Rate

Dubai’s cheapest hotels are of great demand among travelers. If you are trying hard to get the cheapest Dubai hotel along with the rate they charge, you can easily get it here.

The best and cheapest six hotels in Dubai that charge you from 100 AED (depending upon the season) have been listed below. Just select the cheapest booking rates and complete your reservation from the booking site of your choice to grab the 100 AED+ rate hotels. HotelFinder.ae just compare the prices offered by various sites when you click the hotel name below.

Dubai’s Cheapest hotel can be picked from one the below list. All hotels arranged in the order of ascending prices from 100 AED per night onward. Just enter your dates in the next page after click:

  1. Backpacker 16 Accommodationhotel rate from 69 AED
  2. Zoalna Servicesfrom 75 AED
  3. Backpacker Tinarate from 89 AED
  4. Top Dubai Apartmenthotel price from 100 AED
  5. Shalimar Park Hotel Dubairate from 104 AED
  6. Al Raein Hotel Apartmentsfrom 109 AED

If you had selected one of the above 50 AED + rates hotels, you would have re-directed to the related online booking sites to finish hotel reservation.