1 star hotel

1 Star Hotel in Dubai

One star hotels are a preferred hotels for budget accommodation travelers since 1 star hotel is having lowest rates in Dubai. If you are trying hard to get the cheapest 1 star hotel in Dubai, you can easily get it here by selecting one of the 15 hotels in mentioned below.

The best and cheap hotels in Dubai that charge you from 50 AED (depending upon the season), tabulated below. You just need to click one hotel of your budget in order to know the accommodation facilities and compare the booking rates provided by various booking websites. Just select the lowest booking rates and complete your reservation to grab the 50 AED+ rate one star hotel.

One star Dubai hotels arranged down in the order of ascending prices from 50 AED per night onward. Just select the one to see how HotelFinder.ae compares the booking prices to find the least one.

Backpacker 16 Accommodation – rate from 69 AED

Zoalna Services – rate from 75 AED

Backpacker Tina – rate from 89 AED

Top Dubai Apartment – rate from 100 AED

Shalimar Park Hotel Dubai – rate from 104 AED

Al Raein Hotel Apartments – rate from 109 AED

Domme Hostel – rate from 120 AED

Emirates Hotel – rate from 122 AED

Zaineast Hotel  – rate from 127 AED

Ana Palace – rate from 129 AED

Galaxy Plaza Hotel – rate from 130 AED

West Hotel Dubai – rate from 141 AED

Gold Plaza Guest House – rate from 150 AED

Al Khaima Hotel – rate from 150 AED

Al Qaid Hotel – rate from 160 AED

If you had clicked one of the above one star rated hotels, you would have re-directed to the related online booking sites to finish hotel reservation. If so, your search for a one star Dubai Hotel accommodation ends right here.