Cheap hotels available in Mussafah area (industrial area in Abu Dhabi), have been categorized below. These hotels are the nearest accommodation options if you are willing to search low cost hotel accommodation in Mohammed Bin Zayed City (MBZ) or Mussafah. If you are booking the hotels directly on reception or over phone, you would surely get a higher reservation cost than the online hotel booking price. Hotel Finder helps the travelers to compare the prices offered by various booking websites to get the best prices & the cheapest hotels in Mussafah. If your planned accommodation is near to Mafraq, Mafraq Hotel is the best option, which is near to Baniyas. Also download UAE Hotel Special Offers App from Google Play by scanning the below QR code to find the secret prices right from your mobile:


Hotels in Mussafah Industrial Area

(1) L’Arabia Hotel Apartments

L’Arabia Hotel Apartments is a located adjacent to Mazyad Mall in Mussafah, opposite to Shabia & MBZ and it is the only hotel available in the heart of Musaffah. This 3-star property offers swimming pool, a sauna and valet parking, coffee bar, 24-hour room service and a hair salon. It also provides child-minding services, a currency exchange and a reception that operates 24/7.

The hotel is air conditioned and it includes a mini bar, a kitchenette and a refrigerator. On-site dining options include a restaurant, which is a convenient spot to enjoy a meal and visitors can access the various restaurants in the shopping malls nearby such as Mazyad Mall & Safeer Mall. Those who wanted a hotel near Delma Mall Abu Dhabi, can directly go and book this hotel. Get your best and cheapest hotel price from L’Arabia by clicking the button and comparing the prices below, no booking charges; we just compare the prices and you book on trusted sites:

(2) Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate

Boasting a heated pool, Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate is located near to Mussafah & MBZ and offers modern 4-star rooms and a bar. This stylish hotel offers free Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service and a kid’s pool along with corporate amenities like meeting rooms and a business centre.

This hotel is one of the accommodation options in Abu Dhabi if you are searching hotels near Mussafah or Mohammed Bin Zayed City. All rooms at Novotel have city and canal views. They are air conditioned and provide a mini bar, a private bathroom and tea and coffee making facilities.


(3) Ibis Abu Dhabi Gate

Located near to Mussafah, Ibis Abu Dhabi Gate offers modern 3-star accommodation. It is ideally positioned for guests wanting to visit Mussafah industrial area, MBZ and Abu Dhabi city.

There are a range of amenities on offer to guests from Ibis, such as an express check-in and check-out feature, 24-hour room service and a coffee bar & restaurants offering Asian meals, as well as a traditional café. Abu Dhabi International Airport is less than a 20-minute drive from Ibis.

Compare the prices offered by these hotels by clicking the above button and get very cheap accommodation in Mussafah Shabia.