Top 10 Incredible Hotel Deals From Dubai which You can’t Resist

Here’s a set of top ten cheapest hotels in Dubai for you to select and compare the hotel prices during your trip in UAE. We are damn sure that you can’t find a cheaper hotel price than these...
hour basis hotel

Top 9 Hotel Rooms on Hourly Basis in Dubai

Rooms for Rent on Hourly Basis in Dubai The purpose behind people actively searching for rooms for hourly basis is that they planned to stay only during day time and don’t want to spend the...

Top 10 Cheap and Best Hotels in Dubai with Free Breakfast

Cheap Hotels in Dubai with Breakfast Here we list down top 10 hotel accommodations with free breakfast in the ascending order of price. Only thing you have to do is to select the hotel to...
50 AED

The Best 50 AED Hotels in Dubai, UAE

50 AED Hotels in Dubai So many travelers are looking for 50 AED hotels daily in hotel booking sites such as, and Let us break the ice here. If you are searching for...
Bur Dubai Hotel

10 Best and Cheapest Hotels in Bur Dubai, UAE

Cheapest Hotel in Bur Dubai Bur Dubai hotels are a preferred place of accommodation for travelers. If you are trying hard to get the cheapest priced hotel in Bur Dubai, you can easily do it...
150 AED hotel

Best Dubai Hotel with 150 AED per Night

Dubai Hotel 150 AED per Night If you are searching for 150 AED hotels in hotel booking sites such as, and, we can make your booking process easier here. You are advised to...
1 star hotel

The Best and Cheap 1 star hotels in Dubai, UAE

1 Star Hotel in Dubai One star hotels are a preferred hotels for budget accommodation travelers since 1 star hotel is having lowest rates in Dubai. If you are trying hard to get the cheapest 1 star hotel...
6 cheapest hotels

The Six Cheapest Hotels in Dubai with Rate, UAE

Cheapest Hotel in Dubai with Rate Dubai’s cheapest hotels are of great demand among travelers. If you are trying hard to get the cheapest Dubai hotel along with the rate they charge, you can easily...
Dubai Cheap hotel 100 AED

The Best 6 Cheap Hotels in Dubai for 100 AED and Less

Many new comers in Dubai search online with keyword ‘cheap hotel in Dubai 100 AED’ to find the cheapest hotel in the city. You can find those cheapest hotels in Dubai right here. However, you should...
Cheapest hotels

The Best and Cheapest hotel in Dubai Deira

There is always much rush in the internet to find the cheapest hotel in Deira, Dubai as there are many travelers visit the Deira city for commercial purposes in Dubai. It is with great pleasure...

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