50 AED

50 AED Hotels in Dubai

So many travelers are looking for 50 AED hotels daily in hotel booking sites such as Booking.com, Expedia.com and Hotels.com.

Let us break the ice here. If you are searching for the lowest priced hotel in Dubai, what you are advised to do is to identify the hotels coming under cheap rate category and then look for which online booking site is offering the least rates for such hotels.

We make your life easier here by short listing the best and cheap hotels in Dubai that charge you more or less 50 AED per night depending upon the tourist season in Dubai. You just need to select one of the below listed hotels to know the accommodation facilities in the hotel and booking rates provided by various booking websites. Just select the cheapest booking rates and complete your reservation to grab the 50 AED hotel rate deal.

Hotels arranged in the order of ascending prices from 50 AED per night onwards:

  1. Backpacker 16 Accommodation
  2. Zoalna Services
  3. Backpacker Tina
  4. Dubai Youth Hostel
  5. Top Dubai Apartment
  6. Al Raein Hotel Apartments
  7. Shalimar Park Hotel Dubai
  8. Domme Hostel
  9. Queens Hotel Dubai
  10. Prime Hotel Dubai

By click the above hotel, hope you would have gone to the related online reservation sites to finish your booking. If so, your search for 50 AED Dubai Hotel ends right here. Congratulations!